React JS Workshop for Beginners

Give us one day, we will teach React and help you to build an e-commerce site

Have you ever planned to learn a framework and got stuck within 10 minutes? or wished someone could fix the weird issue you are getting while following an online tutorial?

Everyone knows learning alone is hard.

In fact... It's enough to make a grown person cry!

That’s why we created a day-long workshop so that you can invest just one day to explore React and build a fully functional e-commerce website ! All by yourself with our help.

Just give us one day. We will make you comfortable with React.

Someone famous named Jhankar Mahbub

Who is this workshop for?

Social and family oriented developer who's plan to learn React is always swamped by something else.

Developers with ancient framework like jQuery and backbone who know nothing outside of their cubicles.

Developers who are constantly hearing about React, but still don't know what the heck it really is.

Intermediate-level front end developers who are frustrated with unorganized internet resources.

Front end developers who want to upgrade their skill sets to get a raise or apply for better job under a better manager.

Developers with ancient framework like jQuery and backbone who have become "stuck in the mud".

Beginner-level programmers who want to understand core concepts and build something to add to their resume.

Back-end developers who want to shift to the front end and be effective in a short period of time.


I don’t want your hard earned cash if you don’t get any value from this workshop.

Not happy with the workshop? I’ll give you 100% refund of your money within seven days of the workshop.

What You'll Learn

This workshop is broken into six modules to make your learning easy and effective.

Module-1: Getting Started with React
  • Understand the problems React solves
  • Writing very simple React App: Hello React
  • Introduction to JSX
Module-2: React Core Ideas
  • Virtual DOM and React Fiber
  • Component and Component Architecture
  • Inline Style or Loading CSS
Module-3: Thinking Like a React Developer
  • Component Life Cycle
  • Loading Data from Server
  • Events handling, props, state management
Module-4: Integral Parts of a Large React App
  • Routing with React Router
  • Use External Library
  • Optimize Productivity: Tooling, Code Editor
  • Basic ES6, webpack, this, promise, bind
Module-5: Build a Professional React App
  • Large Project setup
  • Architecture of a Largest React App
  • Component Design and Interactions
  • Routing and Routing Control
Module-6: Deploy
  • Debug a Large React App
  • Unit Test and Linting
  • Best practices
  • Build and Deploy

Where and When

Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017 from 9:45 AM to 5:00 PM (CST)

Venue: Memorial Union Room 301

300 Washington Avenue Se

Minneapolis, MN, 55455

Parking: Free parking in the Anderson Parking Facility located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Cretin Ave.

How your day will look

Learning modules will be introduced, explained and implemented as you will be building a web app.

You will spend 75% of your day for building this e-commerce site. 15% time on understanding react core concepts and rest 10% + extra 1 hour after the workshop to answer your questions.

9.15-9.30: Grab a seat and Ask for Wi-Fi Password and socialize

9.30-10.00: Getting Started with React

10.00-10.30: [start coding] Hello React and Create component

10.30-10.50: props, state, component life cycle, load data from server

10.50-11.00: Break

11.00-11.30: Start building a real world e-commerce site

11.30-12.00: Think Like a React Developer

12.00-1.00: Lunch break and QA

1.00-1.30: Managing state for large React app

1.30-1.50: Routing and React Router

1.50-2.00: Break

2.00-4.00: Multiple routes of large React App and database connection

4.00-4.10: Break

4.10-4.30: Unit Test and Deploy

4:30-4.40: Future steps and Redux

4.40-5.00: QA


You should be comfortable
  • Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Using Node and npm before
  • Optional: Familiarty to any JavaScript framework


I don’t want your hard earned cash if you don’t get any value from this workshop.

Not happy with the workshop? I’ll give you 100% refund of your money within seven days of the workshop.

By the way, Who's this Dude?

Jhankar (John-kar) Mahbub is a curious JavaScript developer, speaker, marathon runner, organizer of Chicago JavaScript meetup group. He publishes his tips and tricks for JavaScript developers at and videos on youtube

He has been giving talks in popular conferences around the world on front end technologies, tools and frameworks. He published two books on programming. He is currently working at Nielsen as their Senior Web Developer.

Surprisingly, he can confirm that he does have time to shower in between all of these activities!

If you want to watch a sample talk/video of this dude, check out this video on Angular 2.

Want to start a conversation?

Send him an email: He never stops checking his email, even though he could be sleeping, showering or dropping the kids off at the pool. In fact, the only time he doesn't check his email is when doing all three of these things at the same time!