Interview Questions

for front-end-Developer

Only for JS developer when they have to answer some side questions to make interviewer comfortable...


HTML might be heart of a website, but least utilized and explored. js dude followed the same path and put some basic questions, when you are applying for position directly not for html/markup developer or designer.

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If you are a javascript developer by heart, they will ask you some css warmup question to make sure u can fill the gap when designers are onn vacation to have a new tatoo in the last part of their body...

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JavaScript (part-1)

This is your battle field. you have to be rock solid in Javascript. thats what bring you the paycheck. In this section i will go through some mid to highlevel javascript interview qustions for a solid foundation...

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JavaScript (part-2)

Features and tenhniques in JavaScript is fun, easy and sometimes tricky. Concepts and interview questions about tricky areas in about null, undefined, scope, closure, hoisting, cache, chaining, currying will be discussion. Besides, there are 30+ quick tricky questions that will blow your mind.

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DOM related

This is JavaScript part-3 for intermediate JavaScript developer. Dom plays an imporatnt role in your day to day development activities and it is also important for interview. Here i talked about 21+ question to nail DOM related interview questions.

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Linked List

Linked list is a tricky part in interview. You will find a lot of question online about linked list. Most of them are solved in c/c++ or in Java. However, if you want to solve them in JavaScript way, your dude is here to help. also covered stack and queue

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coming soor. working draft

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all about tre and frorest.

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graph, map

getting high level.

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Browser is your play ground. The better you know your play ground, the easier for you to play the game. and sometimes you can easily play the trick. Some core browser concepts will make you a good developer. Hence interviewer wants to make sure, you have enough knowledge to win in the battle field..

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web Development

Thats what you are, a web development, a plain simple web developer. you have to know the core of web development technologies. A way to optimize user experience, resource management and overall architecture of the internet. Otherwise you will fail miserably in the larger scale of website.

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all Questions

This is the list/ summary of all the question you have to know to have a decent front end developer job. Based on your focus you have to go in depth of the area you work on. For example, a javascript developer has to know more JS and designer will be strong in css. and both has to know basic HTML.

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