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JS Confusing Parts

Understand this, scope, hoisting, closure, inheritance, bind, call, apply, prototype, event delegation, dom, timers and many more caveats.


To be a decent web developer you have to know developer tool. If you want to be a better JavaScript developer, you have to master in the console tab of dev tool. there is no exception. no hanky panky...

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Value of this in Javascript is very confusing and very important. If you are not sure you are a master of this, you have to watch this video...

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scope & closure

Understand scope, scope chain, hoisting, closure in JavaScript in the most easiest and funniest way. This is so easy even your grandma can understand.

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Array is the mostly used Data stucture. And in Javascript it is at least 3 one of the key data structure that you have to use to master. This video will tell you 15 hidden features that witll make u expert in JavaScript array.

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Interview Questions

If you want to upgrade the person shouting at you in every evening at 5.00pm, you have to be competent and pretty sharp with latest technology. The world is competitive. but dont worry, that js dude will compile the questions for you. this will make your life easier to win the next big thing.

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React JS Tutorial

If you have some idea about JS and want to learn React JS, I have the easiest way to learn React JS.

Also check, Angular JS for absolute Begginers

I also have Knokcout JS for absolute beginners

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